dutch private soccer training

At the Academy of Dutch Soccer (A.D.S.) we provide private trainings based on what the player wants to learn and the Dutch vision on soccer training. In conversations with the player, their parents, and on the advice of their coach, we will focus on the techniques that the soccer player wants to perform. Based on that information, we will start at a basic level and create more challenges during the sessions. We will provide our advice on what skills the player needs to implement to play their position on the field. The focus is to improve on skills that they already have along with teaching new skills that they can use on the soccer field to benefit themselves and their team mates.

Since we are straight forward trainers, we will ask from the player(s) to do their best while working on their own goals. In the Dutch vision, it is the player that has to show that they want to learn and improve since the player is the one that benefits on the soccer field.


Individual soccer training is only available on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment. Send us an email to request private training for yourself or your child. You can find our contact information on our contact page

Please provide in the email your name, address, phone number and age of the soccer player.

  • One player is $ 75.00 per hour

When requested, Dutch private training can be provided for one to four players at the same time.

  • Two players is $100.00 per hour*
  • Three players is $120.00 per hour*
  • Four players is $140.00 per hour*
  • * = Rates changed as of 1/1/16
One additional session for free?

When you book a private training package for five sessions (individual and multiple players) and have paid in full, you receive one additional session for free. References available upon requests.

The A.D.S. private soccer training sessions can take place at the Training Center in Spring City, PA

**This offer is available when five sessions are booked and paid in full by the beginning of the first session**


The Academy of Dutch Soccer is available for individual indoor soccer sessions during the winter. Arrange for the winter an indoor gym for your son or daughter at your local school, church or sport facility at a mutual agreeable time and we will provide a trainer for the individual soccer session at the location you provided. One player is $ 75.00 per hour. You can have a group of 6 players maximum for the indoor private training sessions at your location. Training cost for 6 players is $35.00 per player per hour. Send an email or call Coach Chris for available days, Mondays - Sundays and times.

Soccer Topics:

The Academy of Dutch Soccer trainer can, for instance, work with your son and or daughter on one of the following soccer topics:

  • First Touch on the soccer ball
  • Soccer Ball Mastery: dribbling, brushing, tic tac, tip toe and other basic soccer moves
  • Back moves & shielding the soccer ball from your opponent
  • Power Shot: the basic 8 steps of properly shooting a soccer ball on goal
  • Advanced Power Shot: How to make a successful shot out of a dribble or your first touch
  • Develop your Free Kick: How to improve your Free Kick on goal outside the 14y - 18y area
  • Develop your Goal Kick: Improving the goal keepers ability to get the ball up the field
  • How to "Chip" a soccer ball, the function of the "chip" in soccer
  • Learn in 4 steps how to properly defend a player 1v1
  • Learn how to outplay an opponent 1v1 by mastering several soccer moves
  • Learn how to pass the soccer ball properly to a team mate
  • Learn how to head the soccer ball
  • Learn how to control a soccer ball that is coming from the air
  • There are many other soccer topics that we can teach your son or daughter, just ask!


  • 24 hours notice is required to cancel a session.
  • If 24 hours notice is received, the missed session can be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time. * If 24 hours notice is not received, the session is considered used and no refund will be issued.


When our schedule allows it we are willing to provide private trainings near your home. For your convenience, if you have a public soccer field or park that is within 20 miles of Downingtown, PA then please provide A.D.S. the information for that location so we can evaluate for training purposes.

  • The A.D.S. Academy at The Training Center - 88 Wells Road in Spring City, PA
  • Bell Tavern Park – Downingtown, PA
  • Johnsontown Park- Downingtown, PA
  • Lloyd Park – Downingtown, PA
  • Kerr Park – Downingtown, PA
  • C. Miller Memorial Park - Exton, PA
  • East Bradford Township - West Chester, PA
  • Jane I Reed Park - West Chester, PA
  • Location at - Royersford, PA
  • Location at - Phoenixville, PA
  • Location at - Lionville, PA
  • Location at - Twin Valley, PA
  • Location at - Collegeville, PA
  • Location at - Coatsville, PA
  • Location at - Exton, PA
  • Location at - Pottstown, PA
  • Location at - King of Prussia, PA
  • Location at - Brandywine, PA

Call 484-889-1790 or send us an email for more information regarding availability of Dutch private training. Please go to the Contact Us section for specific contact information.